AS I SEE IT! (Child Beauty Pageants) August 1st 2011

I was asked about the recent debate over Child Beauty Pageants and what my take was on this.

Interesting question I thought, so I did some research.

Eden WoodThere’s a huge storm raging right now in Australia over this very question. Mickie Wood, mother of U.S. pageant star Eden, pulled out of the Melbourne child pageant citing Security concerns.

Little girls mothers, who paid $50 for a photo with the pint-sized pageant star Eden Wood were left high and dry after she failed to show up. Eden has been at the centre of an ugly tug-of-war between tabloid TV rivals A Current Affair and Today Tonight, which allegedly paid her $70,000 not to attend the Universal Royal Beauty Pageant, which ACA had the rights to cover. Entrants paid at least $395 to compete, plus a $10 processing fee and $20 for each accompanying support person. As part of this, they paid $100 for Friday night’s Makeup, and Modelling Class Workshop.

(The Daily Telegraph)

These mothers are now saying they were ripped off!

Here’s the thing. We have all watched reality shows on the telly in one form or other, but when it comes to child exploitation, sorry I for one draw the line.

It’s a festering boil waiting to burst its infectious pus all over society. Paedophiles salivate at suggestion there’s another show, or episode looming and they can do it without being noticed in the privacy of their own home. These poor defenceless children are pushed beyond their years and limits.

Sadly, it is the mother that wants the fame and glory, oh yes; let’s not forget the money. It’s lucrative. These mothers have no conscience when it comes to exploiting their child.. and these kids are just that! Babies hardly able to speak. They’re as young as 2 years old!

Personally, I don’t give a rats how the mother tries to justify this abhorrent practice. Every child has the right to be just that, a child.

Most normal folk I know are just as disgusted with the exploitation of these kids. Sadly there are those in our society that are not and will try to justify it any way possible.

To the mothers of these kids that were ripped off, I say, it’s too late to start crying foul after the horse has bolted. You are the ones to blame! You let it happen and willingly entered your child into this event.

The sooner pageants and reality TV shows such as these are banned, in my opinion, the better.

No doubt there will be the argument that it’s their right. Rubbish!! These kids don’t know the meaning of the word.

They’re force fed this tripe by their mothers most of whom I might add, are grossly overweight and unattractive.

My question is this simple. Where are the Dads in all of this?

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