AS I SEE IT: The price we pay!

imagesBernard M. Baruch once said “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

I was sitting having my morning coffee,
when I got to thinking…Howard Schultz has a hell of a lot to answer for…
Who, you might ask is Howard Schultz?
He is the CEO & founder of Starbucks. Now, I’ve drunk a fair bit of coffee at Starbucks in my time, not because I actually like their
coffee, but because I have not wanted to offend the person that
insists that there is nothing greater than Starbucks… Quite frankly…”Bullshit” yep, there ya go, I said it! “Whew” that took some guts!
But here’s the thing, having the guts to stand up sand say exactly what we feel, is a pretty courageous thing to. If I had a dollar
for every time some one asked me how I was, or was the meal to your
liking etc…I’d be a rich man.. We have, I would care to venture all done the very same… Masked how we really feel! Yep! I’m as guilty as anyone on this score.
I mask my feelings, emotions and thoughts.. It’s the price we pay to keep the’ status quo’
“Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.”
Stanley Gordon West was not wrong.. Many many times I have read, or watched or have been involved in a situation where I have masked my true feelings… How I have wanted to shout out “BULLSHIT” but, I have contained my self.. This article was going to be about the cost of a cup of
coffee here on the Gold Coast.. How there was no consistency in price or quality… From the Basic to what one wold consider the best… Alas, it did not eventuate..
I sat here contemplating what and how I was going to go about writing this piece when it hit me!! all you are going to do, is implant your negative thoughts into an article that may or may not be read.. Hang on, you have a bee in your bonnet about Starbucks and the friend that cannot see beyond that..
Stop!! if that is all you have to worry about right now, perhaps you need to step back and take a look around you, I thought to myself.. Guess what? I did just that…
I spent some time thinking about being who I was and saying what I actually feel. I actually hate Starbucks! I like a small cafe with ambiance and real people that know their craft and perfect it… I like an Americano…it’s a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, regular drip coffee. Add a touch of cream and it is a delight.! But, you might ask, is that nothing really but a ‘long black?’ Probably not too far from the truth and probably what Starbucks dish up as their drip coffee. I made a stand and decided I was going to speak out, saying I didn’t want to go to Starbucks, or any of the other franchised coffee shops..
I wanted to be my own master and go where I wanted to go..
I got my way, I decided that in order for this to happen, I had to let go of some of the negativity inside..
I have a friend that I have known for the past 10 years, not at all a bad bloke and one I am happy to call a “Mate” but… I can no longer take the negativity that oozes forth.. Be it a brand of car, movie, political party or the organization I work for… that’s just for starters.
Am I lambasting this person..NO. I’m simply pointing out that unfortunately, there is no other way he will view anything.. As for coffee…It is Starbucks or nothing! sorry, but there is more in this life than going to that franchise once or twice a week… I suggested he come to the little coffee kiosk, just across the way from me… Organic Coffee and great wholesome food around the same price, but not mass produced.. Nope…would not have a bar of it.
I finally told him how I feel.. do I feel better for having done so? I guess part of me says yes and there is apart of me that feels I’ve been a little harsh, but it has been said!
This morning I read about a homeless man struggling to survive. A politician dinning out in a 5 star restaurant and a paper full of socialites… Do they give a monkeys’? I doubt it..
There is a move a foot to remove the Prime Minister of this country, Does the average person really care…
Probably not, you see, everybody is in their little box, going about their daily routine, just trying to get by.. No one really takes much notice until it is thrown in our face by the nightly news, dramatised so you price up and listen.. Then there is the sensationalism of what I call ‘tabloid television’ tonight will be a prime example, once again thrusting the events of Sydney’s Martin Place in front of your eyes. Extended coverage on the news…A Special Report.. Yes, it was sad that people, innocent people lost their lives and others were injured.. I cannot begin to fathom what these poor souls went through. Yes, they have been paid to tell their stories…It will be dramatic, no doubt about that, after all it is prime time TV and the network wants their pound of flesh.. Normally I would probably just sit back and go “oh whatever” but this time I cant..
I don’t wish to harbour negativity any longer, I wish to actually stand up and say what I mean..
What am I going do to about this?
Well here’s the first thing…”write it down,” I was told many years ago my my mentor, now long long departed from this ‘Mortal Coil’.
Today I have done that in some small way…
Yes, there is lots more I want to say and will. I shall speak out, but politely and sincerely, for I don’t wish to offend. Sounds a bit soppy that doesn’t it, but I recall my mother saying “Little boys should be seen and not heard” (Sorry Mother, I dropped the ball on that one a long time ago.) I think I have been seen & heard… I’m on a roll now..
So, here you have it.. Some words I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now…. Yes, I still mask a lot of things, but as I get older, these masks seem to break and melt away…

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