AS I SEE IT! (a social comment) June 19th 2011

It’s a “ticking time-bomb” once again it has exploded, same school similar circumstances.

Kings College in Auckland NZ, is right at the fore with the news recently of another student death. David Gaynor, 17, was one of four intoxicated students placed in a “withdrawal room” before being ejected from the King’s ball at Eden Park last weekend. This past Saturday night, experts from a drug detection agency, two sniffer dogs and breathalyzer’s monitored Saint Kentigern College’s ball at Auckland’s ASB Showground’s.

Drugs, alcohol, balls, testosterone filled kids, rich and powerful parents, pre-ball parties, where booze is the norm, it’s a recipe for disaster. Not a year has passed since we read of the tragic deaths of three other students from this very same school.

As I write this column, I am in a somewhat reflective mood, thinking back to my own schooldays at a private boarding school. We were filled with testosterone and we got our kicks from building wooden trolleys and racing them through the basement of the school’s gymnasium. From the hype that lead to the 1st XV clash with our “arch-rival “Yes”, we had our thrills, excitement and spills. Lookouts posted on the hunt for the ever-diligent brothers while we snuck a quick cigarette.

One in particular was Pat Walsh, affectionately known as “Hedgehog” He is now the President of the Secondary Teachers association and with the recent news that Schools are to be given formal powers to search students they strongly suspect of having drugs or weapons, he hoped it would be a powerful deterrent for children who thought they could bring drugs or weapons into schools. I read recently that the New Zealand Drug Detection Agency, the country’s biggest drug tester in workplaces and schools, and the Secondary Schools Association president, Pat Walsh, praised the Government for addressing the issue. NZDDA chief executive Kirk Hardy said they were “very open to interpretation, which could be ultimately costly for schools”. He was also concerned that the draft guidelines focused on weapons rather than alcohol, drugs and synthetic substances such as Kronic.

All this brings me back to where I started, “A ticking time bomb” Three days after burying their mate, King’s College First XV played the game of their lives to beat arch-rivals Auckland Grammar.

Unfortunately they have swept the real issue under the carpet yet again. We really are a nation of “Rugby Racing and Beer”.

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One thought on “AS I SEE IT! (a social comment) June 19th 2011”

  1. A group of central North Island secondary principals, expressed concerns regarding anti-social and negative behaviour of young people, both in and outside of school. They are witnessing increasing levels of drug and alcohol issues, aggression and violence, particularly among young teenage girls.
    Teenage social behaviour, often fuelled by networking sites, is indicative of wider social issues. We need our communities to stand up and own these problems and support schools, rather than lay blame and leave schools to manage these issues on their own.
    Damn right I say , schools are there to teach nothing ,more nothing less, parents need to step up and take some accountability for their children’s behaviour ask yourselves why should a few feral scumbag kids impede your child’s education. I happens because we allow it too
    Schools should require parents to sign a code of conduct, countersigned by their children so everyone is clear on the rules from day one ,any and all breaches are acted upon immediately
    If they are breaches of the law they are treated as such and are dealt with by the relevant agencies ,exactly the same way adults are held accountable
    Beat a kid senseless and inflict brain damage its assault, charge them show them the inside of a cell, show them their actions have consequences
    Graffiti treat it for what it is ,intentional damage. charge them the full cost of repair and have them do the repainting
    Problems of cyber bullying on networking sites nip it in the bud, advise site administrators and parent immediately, remove computer shut the child’s site down. It not hard is it really
    Kids turn up drugged or drunk and under 18, advise parents to pick them up ,that fails hand over to police ,home life horrendous hand them to cyps the kids will more than likely thank you for removing them
    For god’s sake stop being namby pamby, about it show them some discipline that what these kids are crying out for
    Funny that never had this problem in my day ,a good clip around the ears ,a kick up the bum and being marched back to the place of my misdeeds to apologise and repair or replace shorted me out, I learnt right from wrong very quickly
    .Now it everybody else’s fault except the kid that committed the act unbelievable

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