AS I SEE IT! (a social comment ) June 21st 2011

ZERO TOLERANCE TO CRIME…not as long as the gutless self centered Ron Clarke and his cronies remain in charge of the Gold Coast City Council.

The sooner we clean up the Glitter Strip the better.

Our reputation on the international stage is doing us no good at all.

Clarke, Bligh and her bunch of idiots have this delusion of grandeur, with the idea to bring the 2018 Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast.

Put your own house in order first mate!! Crime is out of control on the Coast and in South East Queensland. Homeless sleeping in Church doorways to get some warmth…tourism floundering.. why?

Surfers ParadiseSimple.. People do not want to visit the Coast anymore, Kiwis cannot afford the crippling dollar. $6 for a cup of coffee in Surfers Paradise at their exchange rate. Their dollar just does not cut it right now. It is cheaper to visit the USA or Asia, for both Kiwis and Aussies. Americans have stopped coming. The Asian community has slowed and if you tell me this has nothing to do with the out of hand crime on the Gold Coast, I would probably tell you to take your head out the place the “sun don’t shine”.

The latest bright idea was the Big Wheel, on top of the Transit building in Surfers Paradise.. Totally wrong! One Big Fail! It should have been on the Boardwalk where the tourists gather, views of the waterfront much better than looking into a bunch of high-rises in my opinion. No wonder it has gone into liquidation!

Over 90 armed hold-ups on the coast this year alone. A family wrecked by these thugs and scum, with the tragic loss of a father, husband and colleague. The scum will get a tap on the wrist from the court.. Yes they will do time, but they will also get out and probably go on and commit more crime, maybe even take another life. As for this brave policeman’s family it is a lifetime sentence for them.

Until this egotistical Clarke and his council go, the Gold Coast is not going to recover.

We need to act now, I suggest that Ron Clarke grow some balls and become a man and clean up the Coast.

No. a.better idea…get out now! along with your crooked council!. He is living in the past and trying to trade on his glory days as an athlete. Move on Ron.. It is time to retire.

Better still resign whilst you do have some dignity.

Sadly, I doubt this will happen.

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One thought on “AS I SEE IT! (a social comment ) June 21st 2011”

  1. Porte, youve been away from New Zealand for to long, It cost me $14.00 for a coffee in Rotorua last week. Yep one of our Tourist Meccas, would hate to think what one would cost in Queenstown. And your right, no more foreign tourists, we are down at least 50% and I haven’t even increased my prices to meet inflation…. what next

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