AS I SEE IT! (a social comment) June 29th 2011

The historic passing of legislation allowing gays and lesbian to marry in the state of New York, has sparked off another heated round of debate over the issue, with the usual outpouring of homophobia.

British academic Frank Furedi writes about the moral superiority of the “elite” who support gay marriage and their tendency to silence opposition by asserting their enlightened stance and comparing it to the prejudices and homophobia of the majority.

His argument is flawed as is his appalling generalisations about why the “elite” support fellow humans’ rights to access a legal institution, and he’s wrong about so-called “ordinary folk’’ Ordinary folk are not a bunch of prejudiced bogans; nor are the “cultural elite” in agreement.

We’re diverse and divided, but most want this law overturned.

Marriage is not a gay/straight issue any more.

It’s about human rights to access, benefits, legitimacy, recognition, and public acknowledgement of mutual love.

Wedding BandsHomosexual couples now enjoy effective equality with married couples in every way short of marriage. The passing of this historic legislation in New York cements this right. There are and always will be those that will continue their crusade to say that this process must stop short of marriage, because marriage is about something deeper than civil equality; it is about a natural reality – male, female, offspring – which society did not create and society’s law cannot alter.

I see it differently. The right to express your sexuality, the right to freedom of speech, love between two people no matter what is a given.

Most homosexual couples I know share a special bond and are more committed than a lot of homophobic heterosexuals that pretend to “be in love”. Those gay couples lucky enough to be blessed with a child will raise and nurture that child better than a lot of mothers that could not care less.

Homosexuals are still sadly considered “outcasts” by the homophobic culture that exists with in most mainstream teachings and have battled for their right to respect and dignity, just as people with disabilities and other minority groups have fought for their rights and dignity.

I for one am proud of my gay friends and I applaud the State of New York for their historic passing of this legislation.

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3 thoughts on “AS I SEE IT! (a social comment) June 29th 2011”

  1. So the right to freedom of speech must exist for Homosexuals and Feminists but not Alasdair Thompson. another story.
    I am Anti the institution of same sex marriage and stand against it. The rights Homosexual parents to adopt will be the curse of children who had no right to choose them and rightly so.
    Most people who support these things also support Evolution, well, there’s more evidence to support Devolution, were getting sicker and sadder. Why on earth are we pushing for our own self destruction, my poor children and grand children. Thats my view but I don’t dwell on that because there is a far bigger picture,
    Global Islamisation and its intent on the introduction of Sharia and Jihad will soon but an end to all these smoke screens and diversions on Western humanity like Homosesexual rights, Feminism and Ecumenical conversion of belief.
    The Islamic flag will be flying over the Whitehouse by 2016 thanks to Obama
    and the State of Israel will be under siege in a war like we have never seen before.
    Good help New York, 911 was just a taste of what Jihad will bring. Homosexuals will be publicly hanging in the streets of the West. Raped and stoned bodies of infidel women and feminists will be the same.
    Were like rats and our freedom ship is slowly sinking. By the time we realize it will be to late and the life rafts will only be big enough for a few. Who will be on them and who will the rescue boats be manned by. Ask your true inner self and put your PC indoctrination and fear of being called a bully, brute or whatever phobic type person aside.
    We say Love but were actually full of Hate just ask Alasdair Thompson

  2. bravo brian
    and thank you could not have expressed it better ,you are so right on all your pionts one of my children is gay and recently committed to her partner in a civil union it was a great day shared by all who knew and loved them both for who they are not what their sexuality is

    when my daughter told me the truth about her sexuality i asked her to stand up ,i gave her a big hug and asked one question .are you happy? her reply was very happy dad .
    i asked her partner the same question and got exactly the same answer

    i replied well thats all dad cares about that you have found someone thats loves you and you are happy, nothing esle matters, its that simple

  3. Hi Brian

    Beautifully put!

    Marriage is about loving another human being “until death do you part”. It’s about commitment, support and loving someone so much you don’t want to live without them. It has nothing to do with the sex of the person you love.

    It is cruel, discriminatory and arrogant to deny anyone the right to marriage; and supporting a denial based on sexual preference is as bigoted as supporting the White Australia policy, apartheid and banning mixed race marriages.

    Of course, the real irony here is that the “holier-than-thou” heterosexual community isn’t even able to maintain its own prized and fiercely protected institution – every third marriage in Australia ends in divorce. And almost 30% of heterosexuals will never get married – it’s losing its relevance, guys.

    Australia’s heterosexual community can’t even get marriage right amongst itself, yet we have the presumption to deny it to others from whom we could learn a lot about patience, tolerance and grace under the pressure – the very things that go a long way to making a marriage work!

    Best regards

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