AS I SEE IT! (a social comment) June 6th 2011

A serious debate has raged in the still considered Redneck state of Queensland over the use of GPS tracking to monitor the state’s most dangerous sex offenders. More than 6000 people have applauded the State Government for finally committing to stricter scrutiny.

This poses the question. Have we become too soft on criminals? In my opinion Yes.

We now have the new “correctional facility in Auckland, labeled “CLUB MED MT EDEN” The private contract let to the UK based SERCO. Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar says inmates are being pampered while their victims continue to suffer. “Pool, table tennis, gym equipment, food for the different cultures… they are all examples of how we are catering for the offender. Prison is becoming a lifestyle choice,” he said.

When we look back through this country’s criminal history, there is a pattern that has emerged through the years. Governments have grown soft on criminals. Special diets, culturally sensitive, prayer mats and rooms, compensation for criminals. We just need to delve into this country’s history to see the pattern.

I well remember the words of the famous Bobby Fuller Four song. “Breaking rocks in the hot sun, I fought the law and the law won.”

Sadly, this seems no longer to be the case; criminals today are becoming the winners. They have it easy in comparison to their victims. They live in comfort and lead a pretty charmed life, are given all the tools and resources to re-educate themselves…write their memoirs, learn a new craft and pretty much live “The life of Riley” in comfort with a tailor made diet, 3 square meals designed to their needs.

Perhaps the penal system needs to take a leaf out of the USA’s Arizona State. Hard labour under a hot sun. No, “what about my rights” approach.

When you committed the crime, you forfeited all of your rights. You took away the rights of your victim.

Sadly, the victim’s sentence is nothing less than life!! The criminal’s is short lived. And in comfort with all their needs pandered to. They are given all the resources needed to rehabilitate back into society.

When will we ever learn?

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