AS I SEE IT! (a social comment ) May 11 2011

A phrase I’ve been hearing a lot of lately is “it’s all good”. This really bothers me!

A cursory look around would indicate that “it” isn’t even remotely good.

The “Merry Month of May” was punctuated by an announcement that would change the world forever: “Osama bin Laden was dead”! As the news burst into our lives, people paused, reflected, and continued with their daily routines, while discussing the how’s and why’s of an event that may become clearer as more information is filtered from American Government Agencies.

Meanwhile, across the Tasman, there was a coup of a different kind playing out between Rodney Hide and Don Brash, again behind closed doors and in secret. Then, the announcement. Hide had decided to step down as the leader of ACT New Zealand for the good of the party. Joy in some quarters, sadness in others.

Of course, mixed in with all this were the ongoing trials and tribulations of Hone Harawira and his misguided comments about Bin Laden having been a “freedom fighter”.

So, what about you, the ordinary “man in the street”? When you stop for five minutes and reflect on the first five months of this year, the report card doesn’t look healthy.

Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and tornados for a start, all resulting in tragic loss of life. Most of us, in one way or another, have been affected by one of these “Acts of God”. To add fuel to the fire, the conspiracy theories jump up a few notches, playing on our minds. Perhaps in our own private moments, we reflect on past events and think about our future, our children, their children.

Looking at some statistics over the past few days, it’s interesting to note that church attendance this Easter was up right across the board, perhaps a reflection of the time upon us.

Whatever your reason, whatever your theory, right now, I find it hard to look at this mortal coil and pretend “it’s all good”.

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